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9 Tips To Increase Facebook Engagement That Actually Works

9 Tips To Increase Facebook Engagement That Actually Works

Has your Facebook engagement been falling down recently? Probably there’s something wrong with how you connect with your fans.

Facebook is asking brands to review how they earn likes, comments and shares on their posts. Recently, they are fighting against engagement bait and spamming tactics, as they see it is undercutting their algorithm, like this one:

Posts that call for Facebook engagement (Source: Sprout Social)

Obviously, it might be the splendid work for brands in the past, but it does not fly today.

But it’s OK if your page is in a bad situation. What you need is to draw out new ways to gain posts with greater engagement. Here are the 9 tips to help you for that.

1. Perfect Post Timing

Facebook is likely to widen your fan reach if your posts receive well-performed engagement.

The post content is essential, but that’s not enough. Did you find out when your followers are most active? Or have you ever reviewed a specific time to publish a post?

The importance of timing your posts should be considered. By posting when your followers are most active, you can receive a large amount of likes, comments and shares. The crucial point here is not just randomly posting and expecting engagement on thin ice, what brands should equip is analyzing your fan and your past posts to help you clue which time makes sense the most.

In addition, you can use Insights to find your best time to post on Facebook to check when your fans are online.

Time of fans on Facebook
Time of fans on Facebook

2. Fan-centric Content

This is the common mistake when brands publish contents on their page. Let’s make an example. You are running a Facebook page for your pizza shop, and should you limit your post to pizza only? Of course not.

For starters, there are tons of topics to be said on a day-by-day basis about your brand or products. Your followers will tune out if your content starts to become repetitive and lame. Just remember, your Facebook content isn’t all about you. It’s about your fans. They like you, but that doesn’t mean they only hear you all day long. Once you start to apply your idea, your Facebook engagement becomes much more realistic.

Ideas for fresh content can be in various forms. A pop culture, or any current event can be very useful if done carefully. Infographic and shocking statistics are huge pieces of Facebook engagement, especially the comment section.

But believe it or not, Facebook is a hot deal for memes and humorous content. It might not be suitable for every brand, but it is a lighthearted way to diversify your posts. Beside, having your feed with various content will keep your followers looking forward to what’s next.

3. Analyze your most popular posts

Sometimes, you can learn how to have more Facebook engagement by looking inward. Let’s just say you have an “abnormal” post with tons of likes and shares, and plenty of love in the comment section.

Instead of taking it for granted, just sit down and start to recreate the same magic again. It can be anything, an unexpected meme, or an epic case study.

Either way, you can take a closer look at your top-performing posts to understand your fans’ activity instead of playing the guessing game.

Review the engagement of Facebook Posts
Review the engagement of Facebook Posts

4. Step up Your Photo Game

The story of BRNDY Agency’s team building trip on Facebook.

We have no doubt when photos take the overwhelming majority of content, indicating that people would rather be engaging with a visual, rather than a link or wall of text. So to improve your Facebook engagement, get visual.

However, the type of images you post need a great difference in terms of performance. Instead of using a stock photo from now here, create your own content. A brand’s personality should be built through this. There’s a reason why photos “in the wild” are so popular with big brands, as are stories from employees. Afterall, it’s a social network, not a stock photo network. (The story of BRNDY Agency’s team building trip on Facebook).

Keep in mind that image can be a powerful tool to stop aggressive scrollers in their tracks and look at your posts. Images with striking colors or stunning landscape typically do well here.

5. Prioritize Comments & Replies

Improving your Facebook Engagement isn’t a “one and done” affair. If someone comments on your post, you should return the favor yourself.

People have the wild intention to interact with brands, which is why so many businesses that reply to comments score more interactions.

By the way, the Reply section has become an expectation in today’s social space. Take your time to reply to fans that show you are listening to them. This is effective from the viewpoint of branding perspective and also makes the interaction with fans more active in the future.

6. Tailor your On-Site Content for Facebook

Likes, shares and comments aren’t just vanity metrics. These pieces of engagement serve as valuable data points for the type of contents that want to be seen. The good performance on Facebook should be taken notice and analyzed for your own content on-site.

Furthermore, your business blog is about more than SEO. Tailoring your blog content for Facebook doesn’t mean compromising quality or clickbait, it’s all in the presentation.

Titles can pique people’s interest, so set up your readers and punchline. By creating your posts this way, you automatically set them up for more Facebook engagement.

7. Understand your CTAs 

“Tag your friends!”, “Like if you…”, don’t use tags like this on Facebook if you’re expecting more engagement, seriously. Facebook doesn’t like that.

That said, including a call to action within your posts is totally a pair game. Doing so will send a signal to your fans that you want to hear from them.

The easiest way to do so is tack the question to your posts. You can include a series of content where you regularly pick your followers’ brain. And remember, just encourage comments and discussion, don’t beg for them.

Attract interaction through Posts that choose A or B
Attract interaction through Posts that choose A or B

8. Upload Video Content Directly To Facebook

Facebook really loves video content on their platform. In fact, Facebook always reminds us how well native videos perform. They prefer you to post videos rather than a video link from a competitor, as it can drive to more discussion. 

Videos should be published whenever possible. It can be animations, commercials or jumping on Facebook Live, and regularly publishing video content on Facebook is a smart move supported by the platform itself.

Users prefer the Video Content
Users prefer the Video Content

9. Shorten Your Post Captions

Try to keep your post as brief as possible. Remember that you will always encounter scrollers and mobile users. Treating your posts like a novel creates more chances of losing readers’ interest and likewise missing your CTA.

You can try a bite-sized post we see all the time such as quick questions to followers, quotes or stats from an article that require a click for more context, snappy or witty statements coupled with a picture.

To be honest, a concise sentence can really attract someone’s attention and click-through. It serves as a prompt that a successful interaction isn’t necessary to be complicated.

At the end of the day, what should be equipped to your Facebook engagement is some smart strategies. Look at the top brands on Facebook, and you’ll notice that they’ve been consistently doing well with their followers. That should be a good example to observe and learn what’s best from their actions.

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