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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends In 2021

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends In 2021

During the past year, COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has brought great impact on the global state of society and finance, leading to the rapid change in customers consuming behaviors, and also the rise of online shopping. Here are 5 digital marketing trends we can adapt in 2021.

1. The arise of online video platforms

During pandemic lockdown, people spend most of their time at home using smartphones, tablets and TV to watch online videos for news updates, entertainment and connection purposes. It is reckoned that in 2022, 80% of internet access will be taken over by online videos.

Compared to the last 3 years, video platforms have developed incredibly fast with an increase of 80% of watch time on Youtube. This transformation has helped businesses connect with customers in various forms of creativity.

For example, with the Live Streaming service of Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok, enterprises as well as shops can easily deliver selling messages of products to customers and interact actively with customers.

Live Streaming is one of the most popular customer approach methods to date.

2. Sustainable consumption is more focused by consumers

Customers have changed their consuming behavior to be more sustainable, and they are considering the environment-friendly factor before buying. Google Trends indicates that in the product category, “sustainable”, “local food” and “veganism” are the main keywords while searching for food supply.

More brands are being demanded to prove their transparency and responsibility with specific actions. Last year, Google’s research in sustainable fashion proved the halo effect can occur if those actions are done. In a different saying, business can influence customer behavior, especially products’ quality and price at crucial times.

More enterprises have started to show their willingness to protect the environment in different cooperation deals and production forms. It is also the Marketing Team’s duty so deliver this image to customers.

Banana leaves are used for wrapping in supermarkets, replacing plastic bags.

3. Mobile app – the key of future businesses

The shopping experience has never been the same after the pandemic. Retailers should take this opportunity of online shopping development.

In the first half of 2020, the time usage on mobile devices has reached 1.6 billion hours. In the third quarter of 2020, it has increased 25% compared to last year, with 180 billion hours per month. This has declared the domination of mobile apps, including food delivery, mobile games, online courses, entertaining and online shopping in 2021.

Customers downloading an app is taken seriously by brands. These people will become loyal customers sooner or later; therefore, enterprises should grab this chance to create their own mobile app, delivering valuable information to customers.

An organic food App developed by

4. Building customer trust with Marketing Automation

We should have no surprise about the customer behavior change; therefore, more services should run automatically to adapt this. Automating Marketing can improve the system with auto-filling, bill management and Chatbot optimization to deal with large amounts of customer requests.

At the same distance, social standards have to be taken into consideration, especially when it comes to everyone’s personal data. Customers will be more open if the connection is based on trust, helping the synchronization run as planned.

In short, showing the clearance about why and how customer data is used is necessary. Automation will create the best user experience along with value created from both sides.

Automation by chatbot is gaining more attention (by Hana chatbot).

5. The discharge of cookie

Measuring and analyzing are very important to Performance Marketing. A successful measurement mostly relies on the cookie system, a tool collecting details of actions after the user clicked the ad.

In 2021, the measurement will focus on creativity and prioritize privacy; therefore, compounded tools need to be implemented such as conversing modeling to compass the success of a digital marketing campaign.

Tagging and analyzing systems should be equipped before there is no more cookie from third-party services, and at the same time, show your responsibility by distinct data collecting and storing. Having a secure system can help enterprises have more measurement with less data collected.

With the presence of new customer behaviors due to the pandemic, marketing strategy is changing itself under the domination of digital marketing traffic. By that, businesses need to quickly catch up with the change of marketplace.

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